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Erica Carter

Graduate Level Intern

Hi there! I am an intern and student of a Clinical Mental Health Therapy graduate program and am so excited to be part of an innovative and community centered team. I have worked and lived in Colorado Springs nearly my entire life and am proud to be a resource and an advocate in my community. Mental health, compassion, and community are what drive me. My experience spans over 25 years within human service and non-profit organizations and all across many ages, healthcare areas, and disabilities. My experience allows me an uncommon perspective of a person throughout their lifespan and the unique challenges they may be facing. 


I believe that each person has strengths within them, my role is to be a partner with them, to discover those strengths and to help navigate toward improved mental health. I’m passionate about helping people achieve their goals and live more fulfilling, meaningful lives. I pride myself on being non-judgmental, empathetic, and appreciating a diverse spectrum of perspectives and life experience.


I have a love of my community and being active within it, volunteering, enjoying all types of music, art, and events, and taking in the Colorado beauty. I love spending time with my husband and adult children whenever possible, especially through music and movies, and even an occasional motorcycle ride.