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Daniel Greenberg

Graduate Level Intern

Hello. As a social worker, I am deeply committed to recognizing and nurturing the strength, courage, and resilience of individuals striving to enhance their wellbeing. By combining empathy and curiosity, I foster a therapeutic relationship grounded in safety and trust, collaborating with clients to navigate and overcome obstacles on their journey to optimal health.


I earned my BSW in 2024 and am on track to complete my MSW in 2025. As a lifelong learner, I continuously seek to improve my practice by staying informed through evidence-based research. My primary focus is guiding individuals through the aftermath of traumatic experiences, helping them maximize their capacity for joy.


Before joining Lokiten, I interned at Silver Key Senior Services, where I designed and led groups to assist seniors in processing grief and overcoming social isolation. My previous career as a personal trainer, working with injured and special populations, allowed me to develop a deep empathy for those reclaiming their freedom of movement.


In my personal life, I am a proud parent of two wonderful daughters and a black lab mix that brings joy to our family. I enjoy engaging in activities like pickleball, mountain biking, surfing, and snowboarding.