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James Garofalo



I am the proud co-founder and CEO of Lokiten Behavorial Health in Colorado Springs where I have lived since 2007 when I moved here while serving in the Army at Ft. Carson. From the picturesque views of Pikes Peak to the vibrant spirit of our growing community, this city has been my inspiration to envision and to create. After witnessing firsthand, the immense need for intensive and compassionate mental health care, I felt a deep calling to create a space where healing, growth, and transformation could truly take root.


Lokiten Behavorial Health is more than just a clinic to me; it’s a commitment. A commitment to provide evidence-based, patient-focused care that respects the journey of every individual. As a Coloradan now for over fifteen years, I’ve always believed in the power of community, and it’s this very ethos that our clinic embodies. We work collectively, tapping into a wealth of expertise, to ensure that our patients feel seen, heard, and empowered.


Outside the office, you’ll likely find me traveling, spending time with my wife and nine-year old son, or speeding around the racetrack on my motorcycle. I’m always open to hearing from you, whether it’s about your experiences, your hopes, or simply to share a favorite local restaurant or trailhead. Cheers to our collective well-being and the boundless potential of every citizen in our community.